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Fly fishing is gaining popularity with both men and women. As the number of fly anglers increases, pressure on traditional cold-water fisheries will become excessive. Fortunately for all of us, there is an extreme number of gamefish in warm-water and salt-water fisheries that will take the fly. Our mission is to guide everyone (beginners, experts, men, women) to diverse fly fishing adventures throughout the World. The Fish Finder, Fly Fishing Reports , and Emailable Fishing Reports are powerful tools we have developed to help you - help us accomplish our mission. Below is an overview of the content on this site.


For those of you who plan your fly fishing trips well in advance, the Fish Finder program will present (location, month, species) scenarios for which history has shown, are prime opportunities to maximize your fly fishing enjoyment. If you know of a successful fly fishing pattern that predictably repeats and is not in the Fish Finder program, we would like to hear about it.


For those of you who fly fish spontaneously, the Report Finder will present current fly fishing reports from around the world. A current report has been filed for any species in the Report Finder aquarium that is highlighted in orange. Feel free to enter a report at any time.


If you would like personalized instruction, there are hundreds of fly fishing schools scattered about the world. The Resource Directory has a comprehensive list of fly fishing schools sorted by location. Use it to locate one convenient to your needs.


To further your fly fishing education and enjoy the company of interesting people, join a local fly fishing club. The Club Finder has a comprehensive list of clubs sorted by location. Use it to locate one or more that might be in your area.


Your fly fishing education will progress rapidly if you take advantage of this resource. Articles covering a wide range of topics from fly fishing basics to detailed trip reports will be available for your reading pleasure.


e-Bite is a fly angler email notification (e-Alert) network. Fly anglers are invited to enter (location - body of water - species) requests for notification into the e-Bite network. When a fly fishing report is posted to the Report Finder, the Report Finder will search e-Bite and send an (e-Alert) to all fly anglers who have entered a matching (location – body of water – species) request for notification. Feel free to enter more than one request.


Search through our International Resource Directory to find local resources including Fly Fishing Guides, Lodges and Fly Shops and Schools.


Fly Fishing Guides, Resorts/Lodges, Fly Shops and Schools are invited to add a business listing to the Fish Finder program and Resource Directory. Listings include contact info, email and website links, description, and map.


We would like to hear from you. Comments, criticism, suggestions, opinions, etc. are all welcome. We hope your feedback will help guide us forward. Email, snail mail, telephone, and fax contact information is presented so that if you wish, you may contact Robert Hodgson III or Philip D. Backlin Jr. THANKS